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This site contains my astro imagery and other information.  Here you will also find my professional papers and presentations.  All images by Max unless otherwise noted.  Click here to view my presentations page.
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My scopes and lovely daughter, AstroGirl left to right:  Meade ETX-125 (5"), Meade LX200 GPS (10" f/6.3), Orion XT10i Dobsonian (10")
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AstroOutreach Presentations
Award-Winning Product Review: Meade Deep Space Imager now posted on Astromart click here
Article in Rockwall Herald-Banner
L-R: Meade ETX-125, Meade LX200 10" GPS, Orion XT10i
AstroDad Stellar Adventures Page
LX200 10" GPS Imaging with DSI, guiding with ST-80 and ToUCam Pro
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My imaging rig in action above:  Meade LX200 10" GPS with SK-80 guidescope with ToUCam 840 guiding a Meade DSI
Here's the first real image from my very cool new camera!
Explore the Universe Day 2006 at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum